History Will Come Alive At The Show

Since colonisation in 1788 and being so far from the rest of the known world Australians had to
become innovative and resourceful especially in this land of extremes.

Australia's Living History, a major show attraction at this years Show takes you back to these times with live demonstrations, stories and displays of the little known or forgotten parts of our past.

"The show will pay tribute to the pioneers (men & women) that made Australia and the Outback what it is today" said John Jewell the attractions owner. Our 2004 tour will make our history come alive and our performance will be based around that theme

We have a unique, entertaining and lighthearted approach about our early history. With live demonstrations showing important facets of how we lived from the 1800's to Federation. The colourful and interesting display in itself is an attraction, live demonstrations and our wonderful working dogs and ducks as a backdrop is a proven great crowd pleaser said John. The kids love us, their parents remember and our seniors reminisce.

Most of the demonstrations involve volunteers (young and not so young) from the crowd. The public enjoy this and it adds another dimension to an already exciting and interesting show.

Australia's Living History performance is continuous throughout the day (Something is happening all day) with scheduled demonstration times, so every time you pass by you will see something different happening.

We include parts of your local history in our stories to make them even more interesting John said, it adds that personal local feel to the show.

John and his wife Mary use hands free radio microphones that allow them to move around the display demonstrating and explaining the many interesting items on show. Mary Jewell answers the many questions people have of the display, demonstrations and the unique Australian artefacts (mini museum) John and Mary have collected on their travels throughout Australia.

"We are a multi award winning attraction for both our display and performance," Mary Jewell stated. I feel I can safely say I can promise the public a wonderful and unique display and performance where people love to return to see something different each visit through out the day.

For further details or interviews: -
John Jewell
07 5426 4433 (this will find us where ever we are)