History will come alive at this Years Show said John Jewell owner of "Australia's Living History", one of this years Shows' major attractions. Its' our challenge to preserve Australia's early history and we strive to keep alive the little known facts of how we lived in the early 1800's he said.

The crafts, trades and way of life, some now lost to time is our aim to reclaim back and to pass on so our heritage is not forgotten. What we want to save are the everyday things, the way of life in that era is what we are all about. Not so much the major events, they can look after themselves.
Through research and collecting fascinating artefacts but mostly from looking, listening and learning from our last generation that can remember those days, our seniors, is where we get most of our information. After that generation passes on there will be no one to turn to and learn from as very little has ever been written down. So the race is on said John Jewell.

John and his wife Mary travel this vast country showing, demonstrating and telling our history in the form of stories all the wonderful things they have learnt so that others may also learn and maybe take up this challenge.

The way Australia's Living History present their attraction is in the form of a wonderful detailed display and great demonstrations. The entertainment content is outstanding. With John's background of three generations in the entertainment field history takes on a whole new concept.
This award winning attraction is for all ages said the Show's Secretary Mrs/Mr/Ms?????????? , Australia's Living History will be performing each day of the Show and we urge everyone to take the time to see this fascinating display and wonderful performances.

Just some of the old crafts and trades John and Mary will demonstration are Rope making, Butter Churning, the 3,000 year old trade of wood turning on a Pole Lathe, the use of a Shave Horse and Draw Knife plus a complete Old Timers Bush Camp to name just a small amount of the content of this entertaining attraction.