John and Mary Jewell have been on tour with their attraction since 2000. They have travelled and performed in every main land state and to date have entertained the public at over 300 shows and events.

They travel with their dogs, Dot, Sam and Bert; they work the chooks in the background of their display. The chooks also travel with them.

John and Mary travel the Country in a five tonne truck (it carries the extensive display) and a large caravan they call home for ten months of the year.

Australia's Living History has won awards in NSW, Qld and the NT from Major Regional and Royal Shows. The attraction also has a proven record of being re-booked.

One of the key factors to the success of their attraction is it operates all through the day; it's continuous with scheduled demonstration times. This means no matter what time or how many people are around they will be entertained.

Australia's Living History is an attraction for the whole family, every one finds something that thrills them be it the extensive museum of interesting artefacts, the wonderful award winning display and or the demonstrations.

Mix all of that with great stories, yarns and entertaining trivia about our history and you have a successful attraction to help make your Show a great Event.